Track Your Shipment


Moving can bring a lot of uncertainty and stress as you adjust to a new home, a new job, school and more. Knowing your belongings are safe as you move can help to give you peace of mind and reduce the stress of moving. With your valuables, your familiar furniture, clothing and the other items you need and cherish waiting for you at your new home, you will immediately start to feel a sense of home. Crown Moving gives you shipment tracking tools so you can keep track of every item and every box as you make the journey to your new home.

Our satellite shipment tracking services allow you to log in and check the status of your items at any time. If you have already arrived at your new home and you are expecting more boxes, you can check to see where they are and when they will arrive. This is also especially helpful for any valuables you are concerned about, or any items you need right away.

Use tracking services as you move to maintain your peace of mind and make your move less stressful. Contact our office in Boise, Idaho, at 888-338-1506 or email us to learn about tracking services and other tools available.