Private Storage Facilities in Boise


Storage services make it easier to move by lightening your load. You do not have to get rid of your things and you do not have to take them with you all at once. Crown Moving gives you access to storage facilities in Boise, Idaho, for any of your belongings, from the largest items to the most precious valuables.

We help you move any of your items and store anything you cannot bring with you. Putting items in storage will allow you to keep the items you need while saving space at your home or business. You can store seasonal items and keep them out of the way or store items to make moving easier. Our storage facilities in Boise will keep your items clean, safe and dry. You can schedule long-term or short-term storage for your furniture, clothing, furnishings, records and more, and access them at any time. You can ship your items to your new home or keep your belongings in storage. Our storage facilities are secure and climate controlled, preventing moisture build-up, theft or other hazards from damaging your property.


Make more space available at your home, lighten your load if you are preparing to move or keep items out of the way. Call 888-338-1506 to get a quote for storage facilities in Boise.