Record & File Storage


Personal, financial, business and property records build up over time, taking up more space in a closet, storeroom, attic or your office. Though you only use them when they are needed, keeping these records is paramount to keeping your investments organized and making sure your finances are in order. These records can easily become damaged by moisture or bugs that find their way into storage areas around your home or business. Crown Moving provides secure, climate-controlled records storage facilities in Boise to make sure your important documents are safe and you can access them whenever you need.

Many records are now stored on a hard drive, in the cloud or electronic back-up files. However, the IRS and other organizations still recommend individuals and businesses keep hard copies of important documents. Locked in a storage unit, your documents will not only be safe from environmental damages, but they will be safe from hackers or computer problems that can threaten electronic documents. If you lose your files, or if your information is compromised, you can use your hard copies to restore the information and verify your identity or your transactions.

Store information about your property, investments, credit cards, lines of credit, business transactions, taxes and more in dedicated records storage facilities in Boise, Idaho. Contact us online or call 888-338-1506 to reserve a unit.